If UEP sends 60% of the parcels from that area by rail, what form of transportation is most likely used to transport the lost drawings? How would the answer change if the PIU lost only 2% of its packages, regardless of the mode of transport? Determine the probability that (a) both engines of a small airplane will fail, given that each engine has a 0.05 probability of failing and that one engine is twice as likely to fail if it is the only one running. b) a car is taken to the workshop due to a brake failure and also has problems with the steering, since 15% of the cars of that model were taken to the workshop due to brake failures and 2% had steering problems . c) a citizen fills out a tax refund application and cheats, since 70% of citizens request tax refund and 25% of them cheat. Two fifths of Show Me real estate clients come from a reference network in another city, the rest are local. The chances of selling a house in each exhibition are 0.075 and 0.053 for foreign and local clients, respectively. If a sales agent walks into the Show Me office and announces “I’ve closed the deal,” is it more likely that the agent has shown a home to a local or out-of-town customer? A senator from the state of North Carolina knows that he will soon have to vote on a controversial bill. To get an idea of ​​the inclinations of the citizens about the project, he held meetings with some groups in three cities of his state. One of his assistants noted the opinions of 15 of those attending each meeting: Opinion

a) What is the probability that someone from Chapel Hill will be neutral on the bill? Strongly opposed? b) What is the probability that someone from the three groups strongly supports the bill? c) What is the probability that a person from Raleigh or Lumberton is neutral or slightly opposite? The breakdown by political party of the 435 members of the United States House of Representatives before and after the 1992 federal elections is: House seats Before Democrats Republicans Independent

(a) Determine the probability that a randomly selected member before the 1992 election is a Republican.